Analyzing the Development of Political Parties in Westminster-Style Parliamentary Systems

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Jean-François Godbout
Department of political science
Université de Montréal
Grant received in 2015-2016

The purpose of this Flex-Grant is to facilitate the diffusion of our data, results, and findings, as well as to complete some minor research tasks. Our goal was to finish the uniformization and setup of these different datasets. As there is some level of variation in the format in which the datasets are provided (e.g. database structure, variable names, coding systems), we need to develop country specific scripts, which contain a number of instructions for uniformization. This method will facilitate the creation of a website for the diffusion of these data to the research community. In order to complete this task, we need to create a website and purchase external hard-drives so that the research team will have access to all of the data and Hansard volumes simultaneously (the Hansard files are extremely large).

PhD and Master students in political science at Université de Montréal contributed to this research.

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