CSDC Media Lab

The Media lab is housed at McGill University and allows researchers, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students to conduct data collection and experiments on political psychology and political communication. The facilities provided by the CSDC media lab enables research to be done on site in the lab, online and in the field.

Media lab facilities

The Media Lab is equipped with six work stations separated with dividers, Windows and MAC OSX 10.7.4 operating systems are available. Find more information on which softwares are provided and which kind of data analysis, data collection experiments and research designs they lend themselves to our facilities.

Conference meeting room

The CSDC has a conference meeting room available for researchers, postdoctoral fellows and students. It can be used in the context of meetings, talks to present research, to conduct research e.g. debrief participants after interviews or experiments, or simply use as a calm work space. The CSDC meeting rooms is located in Room 33-2 on the third floor of 3610 McTavish. Please contact csdc-cecd@mcgill.ca to reserve the room.

Media lab events, training, reservations and consultations

Find more information on what events and training sessions the media lab will be hosting! Make reservations to use the lab and book a consultation with a lab partner to help you with your research! To reserve the Media Lab or to reserve a consultation with one of our members who could help you with your research please contact: csdc-medialab.polisci@mcgill.ca.

CSDC Media lab research

Look at ongoing and past research projects affiliated with the CSDC Media Lab.

Getting to the lab

The CSDC Media Lab is situated on the McGill campus, on the second floor of 3610 McTavish. For directions click on the map below.