CSDC Communication (Media) Lab

The Media lab is housed at McGill University and allows researchers to conduct experiments on political psychology and political communication. The lab itself includes six networked desktop computers at workstations separated by screens. All computers include a suite of statistical and experimental software packages, including MediaLab for political communication experiments, as well as our own custom-built software for psychological experiments. The physiological response technology is portable and available for use by anyone affiliated with the Centre at other university campuses and in moveable labs around the world. The lab also has four tablets that can be used to conduct field experiments.

Below, student researchers test out the equipment that measures skin conductance, heart rate, and electromyography (EMG):

All students and staff who are affiliated with the CSDC have access to our Media Lab not only to perform their own experiments, but for any other technological needs. Please  email csdc-cecd@mcgill.ca for more information on how to reserve the lab.

Below are some publications and working papers based on Media Lab experiments (more to come!):

“News, Politics and Negativity” By Stuart Soroka and Stephen McAdams.

“The Perception of Political Advertising During An Election Campaign: A Preliminary Study of Cognitive and Emotional Effects” By Pénélope Daignault, Stuart Soroka and Thierry Giasson.