Filip Kostelka

Université de Montreal

Department of Political Science
Start: 2016
Finish: 2017
Supervisor: André Blais
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Filip is a postdoctoral fellow in the Research Chair in Electoral Studies at the University of Montréal where he coordinates the ‘Making Electoral Democracy Work (MEDW)’ project. His doctoral dissertation, entitled “To Mobilise and Demobilise: The Puzzling Decline of Voter Turnout in Post-Communist Democracies” and defended at Sciences Po, Paris, explains voter turnout dynamics in new democracies in general, and in the post-communist member states of the European Union in particular. It was awarded the highest honours by the dissertation committee composed of André Blais (Université de Montréal), Jean-Yves Dormagen (Université de Montpellier), Mark N. Franklin (Trinity College Connecticut), Hans-Dieter Klingemann (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung), Nonna Mayer (CNRS/CEESP, Sciences Po, Paris; PhD Advisor) and Milada A. Vachudova (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Filip’s research interests include political participation, electoral behaviour, political parties, party systems, cleavages and Central and Eastern Europe/Western Europe comparison. Besides the MEDW, Filip makes part of the ‘Chapel Hill Expert Survey’ (CHES) team and is an associate researcher at the Centre d’études européennes (CEE) of Sciences Po, Paris.

PhD in Political Science, Sciences Po, Paris (2015); Master in Political Sociology, Sciences Po, Paris (2009); Pluridisciplinary Bachelor Programme in Social Sciences, Science Po, Paris - European Campus in Dijon (2007)

The Decision to Vote or Abstain in the 2014 European Election
Journal: Revue Européenne des sciences sociales
Volume: 53
issue: 1
Year: 2015
First Page: 340