Colette Brin

Université Laval
Department of Communication Studies

Colette Brin is a Professor at Université Laval and Director of the Center for the Study of Media (Centre d'études sur les médias). A former journalist, she remains closely connected to communities of practice in journalism and communication; her current research explores the transformations underway in this field. Additionally, Professor Brin is carrying out work on the role of digital news in Canada, as well as on local and regional media in Quebec. She uses diverse research methods, especially content analysis, qualitative interviews, surveys and ethnographies of media production.


Alexandre Boutet-Dorval , Matrise en communication publique
(Start: 2013)

Jean-François Poudrier, MA
(Start: 2016)

Lauriane Tremblay, PhD
(Start: 2017)

Meriam Lebiad, PhD
(Start: 2017)

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