Jeremy Clark

Concordia University
Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Address: CIISE (EV7.640), Concordia University, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W, Montreal, QC. H3G 1M8

PhD, Computer Science, University of Waterloo Masters of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Ottawa

Jeremy Clark is an Assistant Professor at Concordia University. He is a specialist in software engineering, with a particular interest in internet voting security and network security protocols through the use of algorithms, network analysis, and computer systems. Professor Clark is the principal investigator of a research project on online services for private users and blockchain technologies as a possible tool for political parties.

Research Axis
Axis 3: Representing and Governing Citizens in Critical Times - After learning and practicing democratic citizenship, the next critical steps are representation and governance. Democratic institutions are key elements. They shape the norms and incentives for active citizenship and they link citizens and their representatives in ways that foster accountability, legitimacy and representation. In Québec and Canada, as well as in other countries, confidence of citizens toward the institutions is low, as many dislike the way that members of parliaments behave and consider that politicians don’t honour their promises, hence various political endeavours to reform these institutions. Research on this axis will focus on the role of electoral systems, parliaments, parliamentary debates, and political parties.