Marianne Côté

Concordia University

Department of Communication Studies
Program: MA
Supervisor: Fenwick McKelvey
Start: 2014
End: 2017

Title: "Smart Cities or How to Get to City Hall through the Cloud"

Although many definitions of the term exist, smart cities are typically understood as places where technology is used as catalyst to achieve targeted goals, whether it is to achieve greater efficiency in managing city resources, render the administration more transparent, allowing better communication between organizations and citizens, or all of the above! My thesis focuses on Montreal and its own process to become "smarter", most precisely its new snow removal system that includes the INFO-Neige Mtl app and the SIT-Neige management software. . Through analysis of Montreal’s strategy document as well as interviews with key actors involved in the transition, the purpose of my research is to understand what is "new" or "different about the so-called smart cities.

Previous Awards
Concordia University, Montreal, QC Hydro-Quebec Grad Award 2014 Communications Department, University of Montreal, Montreal, Qc Alma mater scholarship 2013