Fernando Feitosa

Université de Montreal

Department of Political Science
Program: PhD
Supervisor: André Blais
Co-supervisor: Ruth Dassonneville
Email: fernandofeitosaribeiro@gmail.com
Start: 2016
End: 2020

Title: Why Should Citizens Vote? An In-Depth Investigation of the Civic Duty to Vote

Scholars have shown that civic duty constitutes an important predictor of turnout, solving the so-called paradox of voting. However, little is known about civic duty. I propose to fill in the gap by investigating 1) individuals’ perceived obligations as citizens in a democracy, 2) the cross-national differences in civic duty, 3) the importance and stability of civic duty across different levels of election, 4) the scaled-nature of civic duty, and 5) the impact of compulsory voting on civic duty. I intend to pursue this research making use of advanced quantitative methods of analysis, applied to several national election surveys.

Previous Awards
Fernando is recipient of the Mitacs Globalink Fellowship for both Master's and PhD programs, as well as the DAAD-Stibet and GKS scholarships for year-long exchanges in Germany and South Korea. Fernando is also recipient of the FESP-Bourse A for directly entering (without a dissertation) the PhD program at the University of Montreal.