Audrey E. Brennan

Université Laval

Department of Political Science
Program: MA
Supervisor: Marc A. Bodet
Start: 2016

Title: Primaries: A Dress Rehearsal for the General Election?

Since the selection of party leaders in a decentralized manner is a recent phenomenon in Canada, how is this new selection procedure different from an election campaign? This project is a study of a current case, the leadership selection of the Conservative Party of Canada. Using an analysis of media content, data from social networks, and semi-structured interviews, the project attempts to answer three questions. 1. Do leadership candidates adopt the same approach to a primary (strategies, messages, organizational structures) as in a general election? Do they campaign on the major pan-Canadian issues, or is there more segmentation? 2. Is the media interested only in the effects of the horserace, at the detriment of public policy issues? 3. If leadership selection was done in a more restrictive process, would we have the same number / type of candidate?

Previous Awards
Dept. of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht / Concordia University National University of Ireland, Irish intensive course. Galway Summer 2015; 2nd Place Institute of Public Administration of Canada Annual Case Competition (2017) as part of the Laval University Delegation; CSDC Graduate Student Research Grant (2017)