Audrey E. Brennan

Université Laval

Department of Political Science
Program: Ph.D.
Supervisor: Marc A. Bodet
Start: 2018

Title: Great Expectations ? : Effect of leadership change on party-voter and party-supporter congruence

This dissertation is an integrative multi-method comparative study of the mechanisms behind the influences of intra-party contests at the election that follows them. Specifically, to illustrate the differences in partisan mobilization between parties that use inclusive versus exclusive leadership selection. The project will be based upon the comparison of three countries that will be holding their general elections in the coming two years: Canada (2019), Australia (2019) and New Zealand (2020). The selection of the three cases is based upon logic of most different system design. They present differences on two crucial aspects: the modes of selecting party leaders and the electoral system for national elections. The dissertation is a codirection with Université libre de Bruxelles, under the supervision of Jean-Benoît Pilet. The project also benefits from a Mini-ARC seed money (2018-2019), from la Maison des sciences humaines at ULB.

Previous Awards
Mini-ARC seed money, Maison des sciences humaine, Université libre de Bruxelles (2018-2019); CSDC Graduate Student Research Grant (2017); Dept. of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht / Concordia University National University of Ireland, Irish intensive course. Galway Summer 2015