Merve Erdilmen

McGill University

Department of Political Science
Program: MA
Supervisor: Elisabeth Gidengil
Start: 2016
End: 2018

My current research focuses on examining practices with respect to non-citizen enfranchisement across 60 democracies. The main question that I aim to answer in my thesis is “What explains the variation in practices with regard to the granting of voting right to non-citizen residents? Why have some democracies adopted divergent practices in their enfranchisement of resident aliens, while others have rejected immigrant voting altogether?”

Previous Awards
P.E.O International Peace Scholarship (2017) MITACS Globalink Graduate Fellowship (2016) CSDC Recruitment Grant (2016) Erasmus Student Exchange Grant for Sciences Po Paris (2015) MITACS Globalink International Internship Award (2014)

POLI 612 - Research design and empirical methods