Maxime Blanchard

Université Laval

Department of Political Science
Program: MA
Supervisor: Francois Gelineau
Start: 2017
End: 2019

Title: La démocratie par les institutions? L'impact d'une réforme institutionnelle sur les rapports électoraux entre partis et électeurs colombiens (1996-2016).

The impact of electoral institutions on party and voter behavior is well known in consolidated democracies. It is not so much the case in emerging democracies, where the institutional environment frequently changes. Taking advantage of an institutional reform put in place in 2003 in Colombia, we aim to verify to what extent it contributed to modify party-voter linkages. More precisely, we want to measure if the reform succeeded, as its objective was, to make political ideologies the basis of party-voter linkages. To do so, we rely on individual-level data taken from public opinion surveys of Colombian voters and legislators throughout the period 1996-2016. On the theoretical ground, we utilize the spatial voting model to answer our research question.

Previous Awards
Methodological training grant (Political science department, Université Laval), 2018 ; Methodological training grant (CSDC), 2018 ; CROP - Élyse Turmel scholarship (Research Chair on democracy and parliamentary institutions), 2018 ; Academic excellence scholarship (Department of History, UQÀM), 2015.