Minority and Women’s Representation in Context

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Benjamin Forest
Department of Geography
McGill University
Grant received in 2014-2015

The workshop consisted of sessions devoted to four dimensions of political representation: Theory, methodology, women’s representation, and the representation of immigrants and minorities. Each session had one or two presentations of recent publications or works in progress, and two discussants who offered commentary, critiques, and questions. All workshop attendees, who included eight other faculty members and graduate students, then engaged in a vigorous discussion of the material. The workshop was an attempt to reduce the distance between theoretical and empirical perspectives, and between qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The organizers hope that it will spark new collaborations among workshop attendees and will lead to more theoretically insightful, methodologically diverse, intersectional research on representation.

The workshop welcomed approximately 25 participants, graduate students and faculty, who came from various fields such as political science, sociology and geography. It was set up in collaboration with Mike Medeiros (postdoctorant at the time) and fellow Centre members Allison Harell, Elisabeth Gidengil and André Blais served as discussants.

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