Voters Adrift. Consequences of Dealignment in Representative Democracies

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Ruth Dassonneville
Department of political science
Université de Montréal
Grant awarded in 2016-2017
December 2-3, 2016

The aim of this two-day workshop was to address the following research questions: Are electorates that are ‘adrift’ able to select representatives who will act in their best interest? Are parties adjusting how they are organized and what strategies they implement to convince volatile voters? And is responsiveness endangered by the erosion of the linkages between citizens and parties? The workshop brought together several people working on these important research questions. As such, the studies that were presented provided valuable insights into the consequences of dealignment for electoral behavior, political parties and democratic representation.

Approximately thirty participants attended the workshop. This includes faculty members from various universities in Europe and North-America (e.g., University of Iowa, Texas A&M, University of Houston, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, University of Pittsburgh, University of Southern Denmark,…), faculty and graduate students from Université de Montréal.

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