Youth Political Participation conference: On the Diverse Roads to Democracy

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Valérie-Anne Mahéo
Department of political science
Université de Montréal
Supervisée par André Blais
Grant awarded in 2015-2016
July 16-17, 2016

The conference offered a comparative perspective on the contemporary challenges of youth political engagement. In addition to academic panels, roundtables were organized as a space for dialogue between scholars, practitioners and public institutions working on issues related to youth and political participation. All activities were open to the public. Researchers from Canada, the United States, Australia, Belgium, England, and France took part in this event, as well as several public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Over 130 participants attended the event. This includes electoral management bodies at the federal and provincial levels; civic education groups; youth groups; community organisations working with marginalized groups; professors and students from different universities across Canada and the world (sociology, communication, political science, education, public policy, etc.). Several members of the CSDC presented their research during this event.

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