Students and postdocs recipients of CSDC grants – 2019-2020

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Students and postdocs recipients of CSDC grants – 2019-2020

The CSDC Grant and Awards Program is designed to promote new collaborations among its members and students, particularly new interdisciplinary initiatives, to pilot new ideas and projects and to support student research and training.



Bourse de formation méthodologique 

One of the CSDC’s central missions is the support of research method training for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The CSDC supports intensive summer methods training programs, as long as these methods courses are not taught at our partner universities or other local institutions during the fall or winter semester.

The CSDC awarded 12 Method Grants for $ 25,600. The CSDC revised its awarded Grants due to the cancellation of several Summer Schools and Courses because of COVID-19. This year again CSDC students were successful in obtaining full ICPSR Scholarships (see table below names in bold).

The CSDC increased its Method Grant payments 41% compared to 2018-2019

Name School Amount ($)
Olivier Bergeron-Boutin ICPSR (en ligne) 2 500
Maxime Blanchard ICPSR (en ligne) 2 500
Mathieu Caron-Diotte ICPSR (en ligne) 1 250
Maxime Coulombe ICPSR (en ligne) 2 500
Andrea Febres-Gagné ICPSR (en ligne) 2 500
Thomas Galipeau ICPSR (en ligne) 2 400
Alexandra Jabbour ICPSR (en ligne) 2 500 (declined)
Sakeef Karim ICPSR (en ligne) 1 250
Danielle Mayer ICPSR (en ligne) 2 500
Philippe Mongrain ICPSR (en ligne) 2 500 (declined)
William Poirier ICPSR (en ligne) 1 200
Semra Sevi ICPSR (en ligne) 2 000


Research Grant

One of the CSDC’s central missions is to provide an enriched training environment for graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows. These research grants are meant to facilitate thesis related research or knowledge mobilization ideas, related to the research axes of the CSDC, that are not eligible or suitable for funding from other sources.

The CSDC held 2 competions for Research Grant funding. Twelve grants were awarded with a total of $ 11,082. Four (4) Research Grants were funded through the contributions of the partner universities.

Name Project Amount (4)
Audrey Brennan We will not be silenced: Twitter as an alternative space for women in academia 430
Mathieu Caron-Diotte Liens cognitifs et intégration identitaire 952
Emmanuel Choquette Discours humoristiques et vivre ensemble: les effets de l’humour sur les clichés et les stéréotypes entretenus envers les communautés ethniques, religieuses et culturelles au Québec 1 000
Costin Ciobanu Blame and credit attribution for economic shocks 1 000
Maxime Coulombe Étude des comportements et attitudes au Vote du public du Gala de reconnaissance de l’engagement étudiant 700
Chris Erl There’s a Party at City Hall: Political Parties and Candidate Diversity in Canadian Municipal Elections 1 000
Lara Gautier Exploring the contextual and individual factors shaping unmet health needs among unaccompanied minors: a mixed methods comparative study in Montreal and Paris 1 000
Thomas Galipeau L’impact des mèmes politiques sur  les attitudes politiques : une approche expérimentale. 1 000
Sakeef Kareem Ethnic Identity in the Greater Toronto Area 1 000
Philippe Labissonnière L’intégration des identités dans le soi: une étude EEG 1 000
Gabrielle Peloquin-Skulski What voting rules do citizens prefer? 1 000
Ian van Haren Studying Refugee Sponsorship in the Maritimes 1 000


Travel Grant

All CSDC students are eligible to receive a CSDC travel grant to make a presentation of original research results at a scholarly conference on a topic that is directly related to the research axes of the CSDC.

Name School Amount ($)
Anthony Baby-Bouchard 750
Bader Ben Masour 750
Thomas Bergeron 750
Maxime Blanchard CPSA – London (ON) 750
Isadora Borges Monroy 750
Veronique Boucher-Laleur SQSP – Montreal 500
Audrey Brennan CPSA – London (ON); ECPR – Innsbruck; IPSA – Lisbon; Pol Studies Assoc 750
Aengus Bridgman CPSA – London (ON) 750
Annie Chen 750
Emmanuel Choquette IPSA – Lisbon 750
Logan Churchill CPSA – London (ON) 750
Costin Ciobanu MPSA – Chicago; APSA – Washington; EPSA – Lyon (Fr) 750
Maxime Coulombe CPSA – London (ON) 750
Philippe Dubois 750
David Dumouchel CPSA – London (ON) 750
Fernando Feitosa CPSA – London (ON) 750
Nadjim Fréchet SPSA – San Juan (Puerto Rico) 750
Laura French Bourgeois ISPP – Berlin 750
Audrey Gagnon IPSA – Lisbon; CPSA – London (ON) 750
Etienne Gagnon 750
Jean-Philippe Gauvin CPSA – London (ON); ECPR – Innsbruck; IPSA – Lisbon 750
Tania Goitlandia 750
Emmanuel Heisbourg 750
Alexandra Jabbour MPSA – Chicago or CPSA – London (ON) 750
Olivier Jacques Council of European Studies – Reykjavik 750
Sakeef Karim 750
Mathieu Lavigne SPSA – San Juan (Puerto Rico) 750
Fanny Martin ITPSA – Lisbon 750
Danielle Mayer MPSA – Chicago; CPSA – London (ON) 750
Jocelyn McGrandle CPSA – London (ON); Br Ass of Can Stud Ann Conf – Edinburgh 750
Samuel Mérineau 750
Philippe Mongrain 750
Gabrielle Péloquin-Skulski CPSA – London (ON) 750
Luis Pena Ibarra IV Forum de Sociologie ISA – Poto Alegre (Bras) 750
William Poirier 750
Marc-Antoine Rancourt 750
Nadia Rezqui 750
Daniel Sailofsky  International Law and Society Association conference – Denver 750
Colin Scott SPSA – San Juan (Puerto Rico) 750
Semra Sevi ASPA – Washington 750
Katherine Sullivan CPSA – London (ON); ECPR – Innsbruck; IPSA – Lisbon 750
Kerry Tannahill SPSA – San Juan (Puerto Rico) 750
Florence Vallée-Dubois 750
Ian van Haren ASA – SF; CPS – London (ON); PAA – Washington; MCC – Winnipeg 750
Paola Vegas 750
David Wuchiett 750


Interregional grants

It is very important to the CSDC to foster and encourage collaboration and mutual visits for events among CSDC members in Montreal and Quebec City. To support CSDC students to participate to CSDC sponsored or co-sponsored events and workshops in Montreal or Quebec City.

The CSDC awarded 8 Interregional Grants to 6 CSDC students for a total of $ 1599.

Workshops – Seminars

The CSDC supports the organization of workshops, seminars or public events

Name Workshop Amount ($)
Valérie-Anne Mahéo Workshop Don Green 2 787

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