Governance and extracts from the By-laws

The director represents the administrative and academic leadership of the CSDC and is assisted by the associate director in this capacity. The Centre manager is responsible for the financial accounts, administration, funding requests, and the media lab maintenance, as well as other related tasks. The headquarters of the CSDC are currently located at Université de Montréal.

The Centre is governed by the Steering Committee, which is charged with decisions relating to the implementation of planned activities, deciding budgetary and other resource allocations and providing ongoing oversight of the Centre’s activities. The Steering Committee is composed of one full member from each of the partner universities, the Centre manager, and is chaired by the Director.

The Scientific Advisory Committee is made up of leading Canadian and international scholars from communication, economics, geography, political science and sociology. Its role is to provide expert advice on research directions and funding opportunities and to evaluate the Centre’s progress in achieving the goals of its research program and training and dissemination activities.

The Graduate Student and Post-doctoral Fellow Committee is chaired by a graduate student, the committee includes student representatives from the partner universities. Its role is to provide student input into the planning of all Centre’s activities and to organize activities that encourage interaction among students from the different universities.

Several Advisory Committees and working groups are established to support the Centre and to give its members and students the opportunity to be more actively involved in the organization and Centre related activities.