About the Media Lab

The Media lab is housed at McGill University and allows researchers, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students to conduct data collection and experiments on political psychology and political communication. The facilities provided by the CSDC media lab enables research to be done on site in the lab, online and in the field.

All students and staff who are affiliated with the CSDC have access to our Media Lab not only to perform their own experiments, but for any other technological needs. Please  email csdc-cecd@mcgill.ca for more information on how to reserve the lab.

Media lab assistance

The Media Lab Coordinator is available to assist you with the Media Lab resources and equipment. For more information on the use or reservation of Media Lab software, equipment, or facilities, pleace contact csdc-medialab.polisci@mcgill.ca.

Media lab events and training

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Media lab facilities

The Media Lab is equipped with six work stations separated with dividers, Windows and MAC OSX 10.7.4 operating systems are available.

All computers include a suite of statistical and experimental software packages, including MediaLab for political communication experiments, as well as our own custom-built software for psychological experiments.

The physiological response technology is portable and available for use by anyone affiliated with the Centre at other university campuses and in moveable labs around the world.

The lab also has four tablets that can be used to conduct field experiments.

Media lab research projects

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Getting to the lab

The CSDC Media Lab is situated on the McGill campus, on the second floor of 3610 McTavish, Office Number 25-2. For directions click on the map below.