Data Collection and Experiments

The Media Lab is a space designed to facilitate experimental and observation data collection and the testing of participants in a variety of tasks relevant to the study of media and communication, and psychological processes relevant to society and politics. The Lab is accessible to CSDC members, post-docs, and graduate students. These facilities are available online, in the lab, or in the field. 

Here is a list of some projects currently using the media lab facilities online, in the lad, or in the field:

Principle researcher Other CSDC researchers Project Title Equipment Used Time frame
Edana Beauvais Dr. Dietlind Stolle “Study of the TransMountain Pipeline (Talking Across Boundaries)” Qualtrics September 2017 (approx.) – ongoing
Dr. Thomas Soehl  Dr. Dietlind Stolle   Colin Scott (PhD Student)   Ian Van Haren (PhD Student) Tajrabati: Early Integration Trajectories of Syrian Refugees in Canada. Qualtrics May 2018 – ongoing
Colin Scott Dietlind Stolle as PhD advisor Intergroup dynamics of religious accommodation: Survey and Experimental Research from Citizens and Politicians in Canada and Belgium. Qualtrics September 2018 – ongoing
Joanie Bouchard   Politics and Prejudice: The Influence of Race-Based, Gender-Based, and Age-Based Stereotypes on Political Behaviour Qualtrics, BioGraph Winter 2017 – Summer 2019
Isadora Borges Dr. Edana Beauvais (Post-Doc) Digital Privacy and Trust Qualtrics May 2019 – ongoing