Série de conférences 2018-2019

10 mai 2019, Université de Montréal

Eva Anduiza (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) – “I am not a feminist but…” Women’s protests and gender attitudes in Spain

26 avril 2019, McGill

Ashley Jardina (Duke University, USA) – White Identity Politics: The New Role of Racial Identity in America

12 avril 2019, McGill

Elin Naurin (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) – The Political Effects of Pregnancy

15 mars 2019, McGill

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten (University of Bergen, Norway) – Asylum Seekers Centers in the Neighborhood: Causal Effects of Sudden Immigrant Influx on Exclusionary Attitudes

7 décembre 2018, McGill

Michael Bechtel (Washington University) – Inequality and Redistribution Behavior

16 novembre 2018, McGill

Elizabeth Suhay (American University) – How Americans on the Left and Right Explain Socioeconomic Inequality

2 novembre 2018, Université de Montréal

James Druckman (Northwestern University) – Unraveling Affective Polarization

19 octobre 2018, Université de Montréal

Victoria Esses (University of Western Ontario) – Media Portrayals of Refugees: Nature and Consequences