Mapping and explaining anti-roma prejudice in the EU 28

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Laurie Beaudonnet
Department of political science
Université de Montréal
Grant received in 2013-2014

This research’s objective was to establish an account of media treatment of Roma in Europe. The Roma are the most discriminated minority and the one that is the focus of the most negative attitudes in the public opinion of different European countries. Our research explored the trail of media treatment as a contextual element playing a key role in producing anti-Roma attitudes. We compiled a database of denominations used by major dailies in 23 countries (two newspapers per country), the tone and content of articles (analysis of related topics). There is strong variation in the way the group views the media, both in terms of the way it is referenced and in the themes associated with it.

Four master’s students in political science from Université de Montréal have been trained in the use of content analysis software through this project.