Jean-Philippe Gauvin

Concordia University

Department of Political Science
Start: 2018
Supervisor: Antoine Bilodeau

prev awards
Post-doctoral Fellowship 2017-2018, Skelton-Clark Post-doctoral Fellowship, Queen’s University; Post-doctoral Fellowship 2017-2019. Fonds de recherche societe et culture Quebec (FRQSC) (Declined); Post-doctoral Research Grant 2017, Mitacs Acceleration (in partnership with Equiterre); Doctoral Research Scholarship 2012-2014; Doctoral Research Grant 2011-2014; Best Conference Paper 2012, Student conference of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship (CSDC)

Jean Philippe Gauvin's research focuses on two large questions. First, how does federalism affect public policy? His PhD dissertation focused on Canadian intergovernmental relations (IGR) and their structure. It argued that IGR are an important vector of public policy in Canada due to the importance of line department involvement in IGR meetings at multiple levels. His second question refers to how values influence individuals' political choices. Policymakers prioritize issues, taxpayers have policy and spending preferences, and voters make party choices. This second axis of research therefore aims at answering the following question: How does ideology shape political choice?

PhD in Political Sciences, Université de Montréal, Montréal (2017) MA in Political Sciences, Université de Montréal, Montréal (fast-track) BA in Applied Political Studies, Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke (2009)


Public Perceptions of Expert Credibility on Policy Issues: The Role of Expert Framing and Political Worldviews (with Erick Lachapelle and Éric Montpetit)
Journal: Policy Studies Journal
Volume: 42
issue: 4
Year: 2014

Les relations intergouvernementales au Canada : Gage de succès ou d'échec?
Journal: Policy Options
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Refining vote choice in an ethno-regionalist context: Three-dimensional ideological voting in Catalonia and Quebec (with Mike Medeiros and Chris Chhim)
Journal: Electoral Studies
Volume: 40
Year: 2016

Did They Mind the Gap? Voter/Party Ideological Proximity between the BQ, the NDP and Quebec Voters, 2006–2011 (with Chris Chhim and Mike Medeiros)
Journal: Canadian Journal of Political Science
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issue: 2
Year: 2016