Jordan Mansell


Department of Political Science
Start: 2018
Supervisor: Allison Harell

prev awards
Centre for Interacting Minds Small Research Grant 2018 Canadian National Scholar at Linacre College, Oxford 2013-2015 Oxford Department of Politics and International Relationship Research Studentship 2013-2017

Dr Mansell’s areas of research are political ideology, political biology, political psychology and neurophysiology, and political behaviour, with a focus on the behaviour, motivation, cognition, and decision-making of ideological actors. Using an experimental approach Dr Mansell’s research aims to understand how biological and evolutionary processes influence the ideological spectrum. He is currently involved in two research projects. The first investigates whether ideological differences reflect alternative adaptive strategies for social interaction, such as alternative strategies to avoid social environmental risks. The second investigates the psychological traits associated with prejudicial attitudes.

BA (Hons) Political Science. Western University 2011 MA Political Science. Western University 2012 D.Phil Politics. Oxford 2017


Social cues and ideology: Unpacking the adaptive significance of liberal-conservative behavioral differences
Journal: Politics and the Life Sciences
Volume: 37
issue: 1
Year: 2018
First Page: 32
Last Page: 52
Place: Cambridge
Publisher: Cambridge University Press