David Dumouchel

Université de Montreal

Department of Political Science
Program: PhD
Supervisor: Frédérick Bastien
Email: d.dumouchel@umontreal.ca
Start: 2013

Title: Communicational pressures during electoral campaigns.

My thesis aims to develop a better understanding about the way that the political and media discourses interact during national electoral campaigns. Indeed, while the last decades have seen a sharp increase in interest about the strategic planning of such events, a lot less attention has been devoted to the implementation phase of communication plans designed to win elections. My research therefore intend to contribute to the agenda-building literature, by providing a keener understanding of the dynamics at play in this complicated process. In departure with other similar paper on the question, I work under the assumption that the interactions between the various campaign agendas are affected by context. In other words, I posit that certain events or controversies — named communicational pressures —disrupt the communicational environment, by making it harder for political parties to influence the media agenda. I therefore strive to identify those CPs and to evaluate their impact of the efficiency of the tactics deployed by political parties in an effort to sway the media coverage in their favor.

POL 6601 - Séminaire de synthèse: forces et comportements

POL 6607 - Psychologie et politique

SOL6210 - Méthodologie I : analyse quantitative avancée