Alexandra Manoliu

Université de Montreal

Department of Political Science
Program: PhD
Supervisor: André Blais
Co-supervisor: Frédérick Bastien
Start: 2013
End: 2017

Title: Political TV shows- growing influence of a new old media?

The main interest of the thesis will be how political TV shows (represented by series like Scandal, House of Cards, etc) can influence and change the perception of the viewers upon politics. It will mostly follow the line of the by-product-learning, trying to see how much real political information will remain at the end for the people watching these kind of shows, with no intention whatsoever to gain political knowledge or because they are interested in politics. The interest is to see how the degree of drama, incivility, exaggeration that is a norm for these kind of shows is affecting the viewers and their opinion about real-life politics. (seeing the political games, blackmail in the White House, puppets-presidents will make them more negative in their considerations, or are they able to make the difference between reality and fiction).

POL 6601 - Séminaire de synthèse: forces et comportements

POL 6619 - La médiatisation du politique