Isadora Borges Monroy

McGill University

Department of Political Science
Program: Political Science PhD
Supervisor: Dietlind Stolle
Start: 2015
End: 2023
Twitter URL: 1sadoraB

Title: Immobilized or petrified? Explaining privacy concerns and the (de)mobilization against mass online surveillance in 21st century advanced democracies

This project is composed of online political speech, and offline political mobilization around internet policy. In advanced democracies most citizens use information and communication technologies (ICTs), which would make them stakeholders of technology policies surrounding issues of privacy and surveillance, fair use, censorship and prosecution of piracy, broadband rollout and municipal Internet deployment, etc. The project seeks to understand how and mobilization among some ICT users develops into a political identifier, and how this has repercussions at the party level ?whether these topics are picked up by existing parties or does weak competitiveness facilitate the formation of third parties like Pirate Parties. On a second level, State and corporate internet policies around privacy and surveillance are increasingly having an effect on online political speech and offline political participation in advanced democracies. This project also looks at whether there are chilling effects derived from privacy attitudes and perception of surveillance in advanced democracies.

Previous Awards
2022-2023 Berkman Klein Affiliate 2021-2022 Wolffe Chair Fellow 2019-2020 FRQSC Bourse au doctorat en recherche (06D - Science politique) for project: Le rétablissement politique de la vie privée à l'ère digitale 2018 NPSA/Pi Sigma Alpha Award 2018 - CSDC Methods shcolarship, ICPSR Warren E. Miller Scholarship, Alexander Mackenzie Fellowship in Political Science Grad Excellence Award in Political Science McCall MacBain Fellowship in Political Science 2017-2018 Frank & Judith Kunz Fellowship in Political Science Grad Excellence Award in Political Science Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada FRQSC 2016-2018 Abner Kingman Fellowships in Arts 2015-2017 Participedia Research Network Frank Kunz Fellowship in Political Science: McGill University Graduate Excellence Fellowship: McGill University Recruitment fellowship from the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship

POLI 612 - Research design and empirical methods

POLI 618 - Quantitative Analysis