Alizée Pillod

Université de Montreal

Department of Political Science
Program: MA (2021) & PhD (2025)
Supervisor: Erick Lachapelle
Co-supervisor: Richard Nadeau
Start: 2019
End: 2025

Title: Reframing Climate Change as a Public Health Issue: a Canadian Case Study, 2008-2020

Climate change represents a major threat to public health in Canada and elsewhere. Conversely, climate action could procure potential health co-benefits. Although research on climate communication is growing, only a few studies have explored how the media connect climate change to its impacts on human health. The media can play a key role in shaping people's understanding of the issue as well as their support for policy change. My work investigates the coverage of climate change impacts on human health in various Canadian news outlets. More particularly, I examine the evolving prominence of the public health frame in the 21st century and what could be done to enhance it.