Joanie Bouchard

Université Laval

Department of Political Science
Program: PhD
Supervisor: Marc A. Bodet
Start: 2014

Title: The Influence of Race-Based, Gender-Based, and Age-Based Stereotypes on Voting Behavior

My dissertation will focus on race-based, age-based, and gender-based prejudice as they are the first three types of physical cues detected upon encountering an individual. They are referred to as “basic” or “primitive” categories in social psychology (Jackson, 2011). Moreover, among sociodemographic characteristics, race and gender are particularly visible and “politically salient” (Tolley & Goodyear-Grant, 2014). Understanding the influence of politicians’ appearance on the evaluation citizens make of them might bring us one step closer to solving the complex and persistent puzzle of several social groups’ under-representation in democracies.