Students and postdocs recipients of CSDC grants – 2016-2017

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Students and postdocs recipients of CSDC grants – 2016-2017

The CSDC Grant and Awards Program is designed to promote new collaborations among its members and students, particularly new interdisciplinary initiatives, to pilot new ideas and projects and to support student research and training.


Method training grant

The CSDC awarded 9 Methods Training Grants. The CSDC supports intensive summer methods training programs, as long as these methods courses are not taught at our partner universities or other local institutions during the fall or winter semester.

  • Joannie Bouchard – PhD, Université Laval, ECPR Winter School
  • Jean-François Daoust – PhD, Université de Montréal – ICPSR Summer Program
  • Merve Erdilmen – MA, McGill – Essex Summer School
  • Audrey Gagnon – PhD, Concordia – ECPR Summer School on Interest Group Politics
  • Anaïs Légaré Morasse – MA, McGill – ECPR Summer School on Interest Group Politics
  • Catherine Ouellet – MA, Université Laval – ICPSR Summer Program
  • Florence Vallée-Dubois – PhD, Université de Montréal – ICPSR Summer Program
  • Angela Wagner – Postdoc, McGill – ECPR Winter School


Research Grant

One of the CSDC’s central missions is to provide an enriched training environment for graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows. These research grants are meant to facilitate thesis related research or knowledge mobilization ideas, related to the research axes of the CSDC, that are not eligible or suitable for funding from other sources.

The CSDC awarded 2 Research Grants to Students.


Travel Grant

The CSDC awarded 37 Conference Travel Grants.

Name University Conference Title
Blanchet, Alexandre McGill CPSA
Boivin, Maxime Laval World Social Marketing Conference 2017 Fighting Climate Change Through an Innovative Web Media
Brennan, Audrey Laval CPSA 2017 “Bone of Contention: Should Intra-Party Democracy be Subjected to Electoral Law?”
Champagne St-Arnaud, Valériane Laval World Social Marketing Conference Fighting Climate Change Through an Innovative Web Media
Chhim, Chris McGill Belgium: State of the Federation “Unified Parties in a Divided Society: Party System Integration in Belgium”
Ciobanu, Costin McGill ECPR 2017 Do Presidential Debates Matter? Evidence from an Eastern European Context
Daoust, Jean-François UdM APSA Revisiting the notion of electoral winner
Duguay, Philippe UQAM CPSA Read it on Reddit : Polarization and Homogenization at the Age of Online Deliberation
Duval, Dominic Laval MPSA 2017 When Heuristics Go Bad: Citizens’ Misevaluations of Campaign Pledge Fulfillment in Four Countries
Feitosa Ribeiro, Fernando UdeM CPSA 2017 Remorse After Elections: A Cross-national Analysis
Gagné, Emmanuelle Laval World Social Marketing Conference “A Sad Anthropomorphized Tree in a Pro-Environmental Ad to Encourage the Use of a Hand-Dryer in Public Restrooms: the Role of Empathic Concern”
Gagnon, Audrey Concordia EUSA 2017 The Media’s Role in the Policy Making Process : the Case of the the Refugee Crisis
Garnett, Holly Ann McGill APSA 2016 “Registration Innovation”
Guntermann, Eric UdeM APSA 2017 Representation that Matters: Assessing the Influence of Government Formation on Satisfaction with Democracy
Ibarra, Luis Pena UdM WAPOR Latino América “Crisis de confianza en las institutiones sociales en América Latina?”
Jacques, Olivier McGill Council for European Studies The Stationary State : Explaining the Stagnation of Tax Revenues in the Advanced Industrial Democracies
Janezic, Isidora Laval Society for Personality and Social Psychology (San Antonio) “Antecedents of empathic responding: the case of antidiscrimination PSAs”
Janezic, Isidora Laval World Social Marketing Conference  
Kostelka, Filip UdM ECPR 2016 “Is the Gender Gap in Voter Turnout Over? Evidence from Subnational, National and Supranational Elections” and “Looking in a Carnival Mirror: Ideology and Protest Participation in Old and New Democracies”
Kostelka, Filip UdM APSA When Too Much Democracy Kills Participation: Election
Manoliu, Alexandra UdM MPSA 2017       Frequency and Voter Turnout in Canada and Germany
Mansour, Ben Bader Laval Congrès annuel de l’association canadienne des études africaines De la révolution aux élections, l’usage poltique des médias sociaux en
Mansour, Ben Bader Laval Congrès de la société suisse de sociologie 2017 Les plateformes numériques grand public et leurs dimensions politiques: une approche sociotechnique de la fragmentation de l’information
McNeney, Denver McGill APSA 2016 “Partisan Bias in Economic Perceptions for Politically (Un)Aware (Non)Partisans”
Medeiros, Mike McGill CPSA 2017 Value Trait: Authoratiarism, Diversity, and Secession in Quebec
Medeiros, Mike McGill IPSA Regional Federalism? Accounting for differences in Canadian Federal Culture
Medeiros, Mike McGill EPSA Gendered Ideology; The impact of binary vs non-binary gender questions on survey
Medeiros, Mike McGill MPSA 2017 “The Deciding Factor: Physical Appearance, Name and Party of Racially Ambiguous Candidates in the US and Canada”
Savoie, Justin Laval SPSA 2017 Effects
Scott, Colin McGill ISPP 2017 Gender and Racial Biases and Social Spending Generosity: A Comparison of
Sullivan, Katherine UdeM ECPR The political Twitter user: a peculiar specimen
Temporao, Mickael Laval 3rd Leuven-Montreal Winter School on Elections “On The Validity Of Social Media Data For Public Opinion Research.”
Tessier, Charles Laval CPSA Impact des catastrophes naturelles sur la dynamique électorale: Le cas de la crise du verglas de 1998 au Québec
Tessier, Charles Laval APSA Foreign-Sounding Names and Vote Share: The Cases of Quebec and Ontario
Wagner, Angelia McGill APSA 2016 Digital Dangers: Has Social Media Become a New Barrier to Elected Office?
Wagner, Angelia McGill CPSA Smart Guy vs Telegenic Woman: News Coverage of Canadian Party Leadership Candidates’ Skills and Attributes, 1975-2013
Tannahill, Kerry Concordia APSA 2016 “Diversity’s Challenge to Democracy: A tough Row to Hoe?”


Interregional travel grants

Nom Université Superviseur Activité
Bouchard, Joanie Laval Bodet Dec 8th 2016 Arthur Lupia Speaker Series
Bouchard, Joanie Laval Bodet Winter Methods School Jan 2017
Brennan, Audrey Laval Bodet Seminar by David Farrell January 13th 2017
Brennan, Audrey Laval Bodet Speaker Series Octer 7th with Kevin Arceneaux, student meet and greet
Brennan, Audrey Laval Bodet Public Forum on Electoral Reform 20th October
del Duchetto, Jean-Charles Laval Giasson Winter Methods School
Dufresne, Yannick Laval Gelineau Biograph Methods Workshop 18th May 2017
Lemarier-Saulnier, Catherine Laval Giasson Speaker Series Daniel Kreiss March 24th 2017
Manzer, Brett McGill Stolle Graduate student conference
Mahéo, Valérie-Anne UdM Blais Diana Mutz Laval february 21st
Neilhouser, Marie Laval Giasson Lexicoder workshop UQAM 7th April
Tessier, Charles Laval Bodet Electoral Reform forum October 20th 2016
Tessier, Charles Laval Bodet Speaker Series Octer 7th with Kevin Arceneaux, student meet and greet
Tessier, Charles Laval Bodet Winter Methods School


International Exchange Grant

  • Grégoire Saint Martin-Audet, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

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