The Impact of visual data on Canadians’ views about COVID

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The Impact of visual data on Canadians’ views about COVID

  • Principal investigatorAndré Blais, Departement of Political Science, Université de Montréal

  • Grant: CSDC – COVID-19 Special Grant

  • Project description:

At the beginning of the week some of my students approached me about the possibility of doing a project as a group with respect to COVID-19. After some hesitation, I agreed that we should do something. We have had many discussions and in the end we have this project. This will consist in asking Canadians their views about when they think that most people will be able to go back to work and whether they support the governments’ decisions to ask everyone to stay home. The questions are shown in the Appendix. The order in which these two questions will be asked is randomized.

  • Academic publications

April 2020, SocArXiv – The Effect of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Political Support: Some Good News for Democracy – André Blais, Damien Bol, Marco Giani, and Peter J. Loewen

April 2020, Canadian Journal of Political Science – Logarithmic vs. Linear Visualizations of COVID-19 Cases Do Not Affect Citizens’ Support for Confinement – Semra Sevi, Marco Mendoza Aviña, Gabrielle Peloquin-SkulskiEmmanuel HeisbourgPaola Vegas, Maxime Coulombe, Vincent Arel-Bundock, Peter Loewen and André Blais.

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