Audrey Brennan

Université Laval

Department of Political Science
Program: Ph.D.
Supervisor: Marc A. Bodet
Start: 2018

Title: (Un)writing the Rules: Party perspectives on the causes and consequences of changes in leadership selection mechanisms

Why do political parties change their leadership selection procedures? This project has three main goals: 1. To combine to approaches that are usually studied separately in the scholarship: why do parties change their procedures and when. 2. To provide parties’ perspective on the matter. 3. To determine whether political parties have met the goals that they set to attain when they changed their leadership selection procedure. The project will be divided into two sections: causes and effects. 1. Causes In this section I will look at what motivates party elites to change the rules. I will also look at whether there are influences between parties and countries. To measure the influence, I will look at diffusion between many countries using the COSPAL database. 2. Effects In this section I will look at the effects of the selection rules on elections across countries. I will also look at how the leadership rules affected party members and activist (focusing on one or a few parties using interviews based on short questionnaires).

Previous Awards
FNRS Research Fellowship (2020- , 27.836,40 €/year)/ Grant "Citoyens du monde – Fondation Famille Choquette" (2020-2021, $10,000 CAD) / CSDC Graduate Student Research Grant (2020, $470 CAD)/ Mini-ARC seed money, Maison des sciences humaine, Université libre de Bruxelles (2018-2019, 24,000 euros); CSDC Graduate Student Research Grant (2017, $2,000 CAD); Dept. of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht / Concordia University National University of Ireland, Irish intensive course (Galway Summer 2015, $4,100 CAD)

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First Page: 182
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Jean-Benoît Pilet
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David Talukder
Jérémy Dodeigne et Audrey Brennan
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Pétitions électroniques au Québec : entre transfert et résistance
Journal: Participation
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Audrey Brennan