Polimeter is an independent initiative developed by political scientists that checks whether politicians keep the promises they make.

The main Polimeter database is available in Excel format. This database is updated regularly to include information from the most recent mandates. All interested users can access the most recent version of these files by contacting Alexandre Fortier-Chouinard (alexandre@clessn.com).


•     François Legault
      Coalition Avenir Québec
      42e Legislature of Quebec (03 Dec 2018 – 28 Aug 2022)
      43e Legislature of Quebec (20 Oct 2022 – Present)
•     Philippe Couillard
      Quebec Liberal Party
      41e Legislature du Québec (23 Apr 2014 – 23 Aug 2018)
•     Pauline Marois
      Parti Québécois
      40e Legislature of Quebec (30 Oct 2012 – 05 Mar 2014)

Canada (Federal)

•     Justin Trudeau
      Liberal Party of Canada
      42nd Parliament of Canada (03 Dec 2015 – 11 Sep 2019)
      43rd Parliament of Canada (05 Dec 2019 – 15 Aug 2021)
      44th Parliament of Canada (22 Nov 2021 – Present)
•     Stephen Harper
      Parti conservateur du Canada
      41st Parliament of Canada (30 May 2011 – 02 Aug 2015)

Polimeter uses the method of the Comparative Party Pledge Group (CPPG) created by Elin Naurin, Robert Thomson, and Terry Royed to identify and extract promises from official political party documents.