Mathieu Caron-Diotte

Université de Montreal

Department of Psychology
Program: PhD
Supervisor: Roxane de la Sablonnière
Start: 2016

Title: Identity integration: Contrast of two contradictory hypotheses

I am interested in identity integration, for example, following immigration, life transitions, chronic illness or social changes. More precisely, I am interested in the cognitive processes by which individuals will integrate new identities in their self. My PhD project focus on the establishment of cognitive links between identities. I will try to determine the characteristics of these links and how they allow identity integration.

Previous Awards
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Master, 2015)

Social identity change in response to discrimination
Journal: British Journal of Social Psychology
Volume: 55
issue: 3
Year: 2016
Perozzo, C.
de la Sablonnière, R.
Auger, E.

The impact of dramatic social change: The role of historical trajectories in maintaining a clear cultural identity
Journal: The Psychology of Radical Social Change
Year: 2016
Donald M. Taylor

Restoring cultural identity clarity with historical narratives in times of social revolution
Journal: The Psychology of Radical Social Change
Year: 2018
Donald M. Taylor