Aengus Bridgman

McGill University

Department of Political Science
Program: PhD
Supervisor: Dietlind Stolle
Start: 2016

Title: Those who compose the conversation: Three essays on digital activists

Aengus is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at McGill University. He studies political behaviour and particularly participation and motivation of online political activists. Methodologically, he work with survey, census, and social media data with an additional interest in data science, machine learning, natural language processing and computational social science more generally. His work has been published or is forthcoming in The Journal of Politics, The Journal of Experimental Political Science, Party Politics, The Misinformation Review, and The Canadian Journal of Political Science. He is currently a research fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Citizenship and works with the Media Ecosystem Observatory. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Media Technology and Democracy, the Max Bell School for Public Policy, and the Network Dynamics Lab.