Robert Marinov

Concordia University

Department of Communication Studies
Program: PhD
Supervisor: Fenwick McKelvey
Start: 2021
End: 2025

Title: Smart Cities and the Climate Emergency: A critical analysis of political discourses on emerging 'smart' technologies and infrastructures in major Canadian cities

A critical-historical analysis of how digital technologies of surveillance and control have merged with digital and 'smart' urbanisms and been applied to urban politics/governance in Canada. Investigating how these discourses and developments, along with the widespread techno-solutionism and optimization imperatives of emerging smart cities, construct rationalities and regimes of truth positing digital technologies and optimizations as the only feasible urban response to anthropogenic climate change.

Previous Awards
Commission on Graduate Studies in Humanities Prize - University of Ottawa (2020) Concordia University Graduate Fellowship (2021) Concordia University Merit Scholarship (2021) SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's (2019-2020) University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship (2018-2020)

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The spread of anti-Islamic sentiment: A comparison between the US and Western Europe.
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Daniel Stockemer

Neoliberal rationality and the consumption of biased news: Theorizing the neoliberal subjectivation of news media audiences.
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