Florence Vallée-Dubois

Université de Montreal

Department of Political Science
Program: Ph.D.
Supervisor: Jean-François Godbout
Co-supervisor: Ruth Dassonneville
Email: florence.vallee-dubois@umontreal.ca
Start: 2017
End: 2021

My interests include political behaviour and Canadian politics. My research focus is on the impact of population ageing on democratic representation.

Previous Awards
SSHRC Doctoral award (2018-2021) FRQSC Doctoral award (declined) Master's scholarship, Fondation René-Lévesque (2015)

POL 6308 - Séminaire de synthèse Québec-Canada

POL 6560 - Institution parlementaires canadiennes

POL 6601 - Séminaire de synthèse: forces et comportements

POL 6607 - Psychologie et politique

POL 7045 - Seminaire de these

About time: age, period, and cohort effects on support for Quebec sovereignty
Journal: Nations and Nationalism
Year: 2017
Ruth Dassonneville
Jean-François Godbout