Colin Scott

McGill University

Department of Political Science
Program: PhD
Supervisor: Dietlind Stolle
Start: 2015

I am a PhD candidate with the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship at McGill University in Montreal Canada. My primary research interests examine prejudice, discrimination, and the integration and participation of immigrants and other cultural minorities in society. I draw on research at the intersection of social, political, and cross-cultural psychology to design and evaluate prejudice-reduction intervention with a particular interest in experimental methods. I also have a strong interest in program evaluation and community-based research; I have partnered with non-profit and other social service providers in Canada and Central America.

Previous Awards
SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship Ontario Graduate Scholarship

International Students as ‘Ideal Immigrants’ in Canada: A disconnect between policy makers’ assumptions and the lived experiences of international students
Journal: Comparative and International Education
Volume: 4
issue: 3
Year: 2015
First Page: 1
Last Page: 18
Colin Scott
Saba Safdar
Roopa Desai Trilokekar
Amira El Masri

Threat and Prejudice against Syrian Refugees in Canada: Assessing the Moderating Effects of Multiculturalism, Interculturalism, and Assimilation
Journal: International Journal of Intercultural Relations
Volume: 60
Year: 2017
First Page: 28
Last Page: 39