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Members recipients of CSDC Grants –  2021

The CSDC Grant and Awards Program is designed to promote new collaborations among its members and students, particularly new interdisciplinary initiatives, to pilot new ideas and projects and to support student research and training.


CSDC Infrastructure Grant

The purpose of the Infrastructure Grant is to provide financial support to CSDC members to enhance the CSDC research capacity. Research Infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, setting up of technical or digital services to support research, data analysis; development of a research platform; development of a database, or to enable the development of links between researchers in a network or with partners from the public, private or community sectors. The funds can also support the purchase of research equipment, or the update or maintenance of existing research equipment.

Name University Project Amount
Dominic Duval

Yannick Dufresne


U. Laval

Polimètre $ 10,000
Allison Harell UQAM Qualtrics $ 4,387
Dietlind Stolle McGill Qualtrics  

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