Arnaud Dellis


Department of Economics
Address: 320, rue Ste-Catherine Est, bureau DS-5915
Tel: (514) 987-3000 poste: 8364

PhD in Economics (Cornell University); MS in Economics (DELTA, Paris School of Economics); BS in Economics (University of Liege)

Arnaud Dellis is a Professor in the Department of Economics at UQÀM. Using game theory and experimental economics, his research examines the economic implications of electoral system reform. He is also interested in questions of information provision by interest groups and its effect on the quality of public policymaking. Professor Dellis is also a co-investigator on research that looks at the effects of taxation and social programs on economic efficiency and distributive justice.

Research Axis
Axis 2: Practicing Citizenship in a Skeptical World - The practice of democratic citizenship is undergoing a multifaceted transition. There are fundamental changes in conceptions of democratic citizenship and in its practice as well as the targets of citizen action. Scepticism about representative democracy as a system of governance is growing and citizens across established democracies are withdrawing from politics. Their perception about the political world is impacted by transformations in the news media practices and by online content, including social media. Voting and party politics have been the basis of conventional interpretations of citizenship, but there is ample evidence that this conception is much too limited. New forms of communication are providing citizens with novel ways to gather information and to engage in politics.

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