Eran Shor

McGill University

Department of Sociology
Address: Stephen Leacock Building, Room 712 855 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7
Tel: 514-398-5664
Fax: 514-398-7276

PhD, Stony Brook University, 2010

Eran Shor is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at McGill University. His research interests center around the themes of political conflict, human rights, and ethnicity and nationalism. Professor Shor's current research projects evaluate inequalities in media coverage of women and ethnic minorities.

Ina Filkobski, PhD
(Start: 2015)
Past decade have witnessed the proliferation of various laws restricting nongovernmental organizations worldwide. As part of this trend, some governments promote laws that ban or heavily tax funds provided to domestic NGOs by foreign states and foundations. In recent years, Israeli lawmakers attempted to adopt legislation in order to restrict the activity of NGOs dealing with human and civil rights. Israeli lawmakers have proposed both “harsh bills”, with measures that include heavy taxation and restriction on registration of NGOs, and “soft bills”, focusing mainly on demands for transparency and revealing sources of funding. I explore the role of discursive repertoires adopted throughout the process of legislation in allowing or inhibiting social action, and the impact of emerging claims-making on the day to day functions of human rights NGOs and civil society more generally. To do so I use ethnographic and in-depth interviews with staff members and CEOs of the affected organizations and textual content analysis of Israeli newspapers, television shows and radio broadcasts reviewing the legislation.

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