En quête de validité: Les mesures de saillance personnelle sous la loupe des instruments physiologiques.

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Penelope Daigneault
Department of Information and Communication
Université Laval
Grant received in 2015-2016

The purpose of the proposed research was to test the validity of personal salience measures conventionally used in electoral studies using physiological measures. As part of the proposed research, we wanted to conduct laboratory experiments to determine the correspondence between different subjective and objective measures of personal salience and the emotional- physiological- responses in order to quantitatively determine the validity of each of these measures. An extensive review of the literature on personal salience measures and the use of physiological measures in the social sciences, more particularly psychology and political science, was conducted. The project is currently on hiatus and is expected to resume shortly.

Masters students in political science at Université Laval contributed to this research.

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